Career Opportunities

Below is a list of all of our current career opportunities.  If you would like to apply online, click the APPLY button and you will be taken to our jobs portal and asked to create an account before applying. You may also download a paper application by clicking HERE

Current Opportunities

Position Location Post Date
Driver I Fulltime 913 Georgetown Street 5/16/2019 Apply
School Readiness Coach Fulltime - 1/2/2019 Apply
Facilities Service Worker - Part Time - 8/8/2018 Apply
Head Start Pathway Specialist Fulltime - 5/16/2019 Apply
Executive Project Coordinator Fulltime - 9/6/2018 Apply
Apprentice Bus Driver - 2/1/2019 Apply
SCHS School Readiness Coach Fulltime South Central Head Start Center 2/12/2019 Apply
Children's Services Coordinator - Scott Co. Fulltime - 4/2/2019 Apply
SCHS Head Start Comprehensive Services Manager Fulltime - 4/24/2019 Apply
SCHS Disabilities & Mental Health Specialist Fulltime South Central Head Start Center 4/30/2019 Apply
SCHS Training & Professional Development Coordinator Fulltime - 5/16/2019 Apply
SCHS Human Resources Manager Fulltime - 5/16/2019 Apply
Head Start Project Manager - Fayette Co. Fulltime - 6/12/2019 Apply
Family Advocate (Fayette Co.) Fulltime - 7/5/2019 Apply
SCHS Facilities Service Worker Fulltime - 7/5/2019 Apply
Financial Empowerment Coordinator - Fayette Co. Fulltime - 7/10/2019 Apply
Office Manager - Fayette Co. Fulltime - 7/17/2019 Apply
Food Service Coordinator Fulltime - 5/16/2019 Apply
Assistant Teacher - (Various) - 6/27/2019 Apply
SCHS Assistant Teacher South Central Head Start Center 7/3/2019 Apply
Center Manager - Fayette Co. Fulltime - 6/4/2019 Apply
Home Visitor Fulltime - 6/4/2019 Apply
SCHS Home Visitor - Estill Co. Fulltime - 6/14/2019 Apply
SCHS Office Manager Fulltime Admin and Support Services Center 2/20/2019 Apply
SCHS Facilities Manager Fulltime Admin and Support Services Center 4/3/2019 Apply
Lead Teacher (Various) Fulltime - 6/27/2019 Apply
SCHS Lead Teacher Fulltime South Central Head Start Center 7/3/2019 Apply
Transportation Services Unit Coordinator Fulltime - 2/7/2019 Apply
Weatherization Inspector/Construction Technician Fulltime - 8/24/2016 Apply