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The first diagnosed case of COVID-19 in Kentucky occurred on March 6th, and since that time, thousands of our neighbors have lost their jobs, resulting in a significant decrease in their household income, leading to devasting circumstances and the threat of eviction.

To help individuals and families stay in their homes, Community Action Council has teamed up with 20 other non-profit organizations to prevent mass evictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging available financial resources, the coalition plans to work together with tenants and landlords to help people stay in their homes not only during COVID-19, but after the pandemic has passed

If you would like to make a contribution to help families recover from this crisis and stay in their homes, you can donate to the Council’s Housing Stabilization Fund online using PayPal at

All PayPal contributions made in the months of August and September will be automatically added to the Housing Stabilization Fund.
Donors wishing to contribute by check should note in the memo line “Housing Stabilization” and mail it to:
PO Box 11610
Lexington, KY 40576

To learn more about this initiative, check out or read our most recent blog post at Thank you for helping us help others. We are all in this together.

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