Family Engagement in Education Week Activities

Families will post pictures of themselves exploring their community and home in several activities (5 pics in total). These pictures will go into a drawing for a prize after all pics have been uploaded.
We encourage them to post pictures of themselves on Social media using the hashtag #KYFAMENGAGE.

Pit Stop Clue 1
Pages filled with knowledge that will inspire,
Check it out if you have a card, that is required.
For many it is an escape or a sanctuary,
Filled with pages that will take you to places & times that are quite imaginary.

What am I? Library

Go to the public library and read a book!

Pit Stop Clue 2
Every town or city (big or small) has one,
On weekends, people will cruise down me just for fun.
Even marching bands & floats use me for a parade,
As crowds gather to cheer hip hip hurray!

What street am I? Main Street

Go to Main Street in your hometown and take a picture of your family under the street sign.

Pit Stop Clue 3
A picture broken into many pieces,
Correctly placed your vision increases.
Remember the piece must fit like a glove,
To create a picture that we all will love.

What am I? A Puzzle

Each family member will draw a picture and make a puzzle to exchange with other family member to solve.

Pit Stop Clue 4
Anyone can create me no matter what age,
I’ve been showcased in museums, schools, refrigerators, and even on stage.
Some people think I’m beautiful but others may not,
Truly Mom’s will look at me and say “I love it a lot!!”

What am I? A work of art

As a family Create a piece of art out of recycled items or items you have at home (paper, bottles, card board, etc.).

Pit Stop Clue 5
You can hang upside down while swinging into action,
Children visit for friendly play and satisfaction.
Running and pushing the merry go round,
Slipping and sliding with lots of fun all around.

What am I? A playground

Have fun playing with your child at the playground and/or complete these playground challenges:
• Multiple family members slide down the slide at the same time
• Swing into action, see who can go the highest
• See how fast can you go across the monkey bars
• Game time: Play tag, hide and seek, basketball, soccer, hopscotch, or 4 squares with other families at the park

Road Block Challenge
Set up an obstacle course using available items around the house and each family member goes through the course in record time!!

Road Block Challenge
Have a family scavenger hunt!! Here is a list of 40 common indoor items for the players to hunt for. Choose age appropriate items & time frame for each player. See who’s the greatest scavenger in the family!!
1. Fork
2. Candle
3. Coaster
4. Dice
5. Book
6. Envelope
7. Washcloth
8. Pen
9. Sheet
10. Fridge magnet
11. Knife
12. Christmas ornament
13. CD
14. Cookie cutter
15. Magazine
16. Towel
17. Hairbrush
18. Deck of playing cards
19. Toothpaste
20. Water bottle
21. Phone charger
22. Tape
23. Napkin
24. Apple
25. Key
26. Spoon
27. Coin
28. Umbrella
29. Plastic bag
30. Soap
31. Box
32. Toilet paper
33. Photo frame
34. Paper clip
35. Cushion
36. Sock
37. Spatula
38. Stuffed animal
39. Mug
40. Plastic container and lid