Gearing Up for Unapologetic Woman of the Year 2024

Unapologetically Woman Series

The Unapologetically Woman web series sees Community Action Council Executive Director Sharon Price sit down for one-on-one interviews with some of the Commonwealth’s most hardworking and influential women. Learn what motivates these women to succeed despite the odds that they and our communities face. Hear their inspiring stories of overcoming failure, facing hardship, and doing what it takes to make the world a better place.

Unapologetically Woman is currently in its fourth season. To see all the illuminating interviews with the Unapologetic Women, visit the Council’s YouTube page.

Who is an Unapologetic Woman?

Community Action Council celebrates women who challenge the status quo, women who inspire, and women who lead. The Council’s Unapologetically Woman initiative recognizes women’s immeasurable contributions to the betterment of all. The program has honored female artists, councilwomen, engineers, journalists, and lawyers, among others.

Unapologetic Women don’t just play for themselves; they play for the next generation of girls who dream big. They play as part of a team. When Unapologetic Women are involved, barriers are removed, glass ceilings are shattered, new opportunities are created, and things that didn’t exist before become part of the fabric of our communities.

Unapologetic Woman of the Year

Since its inception, the Unapologetically Woman series has highlighted and lifted the voices of 50 women each year, and one of those women is named the Unapologetic Woman of the Year. The cohort of 50 women highlighted through the series vote for the person among them they feel is most deserving of the title that year.

The 2023 Unapologetic Woman of the Year is nurse practitioner and pastor Charlette Cox-Thompson. Watch her interview below.

The Unapologetic Woman of the Year is honored at Community Action Council’s annual Fall Sneaker Ball. The next Fall Sneaker Ball will be held in September of 2024. Join us and rub elbows with the influential and powerful women shaping Kentucky while we dance and celebrate the hard work that goes on every day to build a better world.

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