We’re a Head Start Program of Excellence

Our Head Start Programs were named a Program of Excellence by the National Head Start Association.

For nearly six decades, Community Action Council has been a beacon of support in our communities, offering comprehensive services on a continuum to meet people exactly where they are. Whether addressing short-term emergency needs like utility assistance or helping meet long-range goals such as securing permanent housing or earning a workforce credential, our trained staff and programming work together to make meaningful strides toward alleviating poverty.

Our work through Head Start is a significant part of our commitment to supporting and empowering children and families. Community Action Council’s four Head Start programs are a lifeline in 15 Kentucky counties, supporting more than 1,800 children from birth through age five, including pregnant individuals. Our Head Start programs utilize a whole child/whole family approach that goes beyond a child’s development or academic achievement.

Through our whole child/whole family approach, we emphasize a comprehensive strategy that honors the interdependence of a child’s development with their family’s overall well-being. While our Head Start programs focus on fostering children’s educational and social-emotional growth, we also emphasize addressing the health, mental well-being, and personal or career aspirations of the child’s parents and family. Our Head Start programs are not just preparing children for kindergarten but nurturing resilient families and laying the foundation for a promising future. That is why we are delighted that our four Head Start programs received the coveted Program of Excellence accreditation from the National Head Start Association (NHSA).

NHSA’s mission is to “coalesce, inspire, and support the Head Start field as a leader in early childhood development and education.” NHSA supports and advocates for services that enhance the lives of Head Start children and families nationwide.

To be named a Program of Excellence means that Community Action Council met at least 41 Indicators of Excellence across several different categories, such as leadership and effective management, financial stewardship, governance, quality partnerships, and high-quality services that reflect and respond to the aspirations and needs of children and families. Out of more than 1,600 Head Start grantees in the country, only 11 received this prestigious award, with Community Action Council being the sole grant recipient in Kentucky to earn the distinction this year.

Earning NHSA’s Program of Excellence reaffirms our commitment to transforming lives and communities and being a driving force in Kentucky’s quality early childhood education landscape.

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